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Related article: Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 12:48:04 -0700 (PDT) From: Sean None Subject: Chubby Sissy 1 - TG Teen When I was a early teen I was always told I looked like my mom and was feminine looking. I had long curly hair and chubby features like her also. I was starting high school now and had only grown to 5'2" I was much shorter than all the other sweet young guys in my class. I had continued to grow in other areas though I had a pot belly and boy boobs. I was not very hairy so having them was a bit awkward at times during gym class. I used to get made fun of all the time that my tits were bigger than most of the girls in our class. My mom and I were very open at home and I caught myself realizing how big her chest sweet young was. I began to have nightmares that I was going to end up with D cups too. young skinny pics Things began to change though, I was working at a sandwich shop in town for an older Greek guy who was my mom's friend. I would always be working with just him late at night. I began to notice him touching me gently and brushing into me slowly. He and I were in the cooler one night and my t shirt was way to tight and I kept seeing him staring at my body. I went to get something and his hand brushed across my nipple it made me pop a hard on in my shorts. I went home that night and played young gymnast with my own nipples for a while realizing how sensitive they really were. A few days later my mom and I went to our lake house for the week. Upon arrival we realized we left my bag of things at home and I only had my stuff on my back. We were in the middle of nowhere and my mom comes out of the guest room and has some shorts and tank tops in her hands. She tells me I can wear this stuff it belonged to my cousin Stacey who used the cabin all the time. I was hesitant at first but really wanted to get out of my jeans it was way too hot out. She giggles and takes my hand and brings me in the room telling me how cute I will look. She says she wants to go swimming anyways. She hands me the shorts and tells me to try them on, they are too tight and I can fit them over tighty whiteys. She hands me a pair of panties and tells me to put them on they will help. I slide them right on and they feel great. The shorts fit a little better but are very short and tight. She tells me there is no way I can swim in those. She pulls out a one piece girls suit and tells me to try it on. I am bright red by now and just doing what she tells me. I strip naked and pull up the suit my penis looks like a tiny bump as I pull it up over it. I put my arms thru the straps my mom reaches over and clips it in back my chest looks huge in the suit and my mom tells me how great I look. She lifts up my boobs a bit and tells me I should probably be wearing a girls suit anyways to support these. She goes down hall to her room to change I cant stop staring at myself in mirror and rubbing my self all over. I walk out and see her come out of room with her suit on as well. She grabs us towels and we head for a dip we have a fun afternoon and lay out a few hours. I am very excited on how turned on I am. We come back inside and begin to shower up and so we can make big boob young dinner after. She goes in first and tells she will find me something to wear while I shower. She leaves me alone as I strip off suit I realize there was no hiding the chunky young teens fact I had a girls suit on from my tan lines. My mom comes back in bathroom with me and starts doing her hair as I go in shower. She is in just a pair of panties and I just stare at her big beautiful tits. I begin touching my own in shower very jealous of her. She tells me to hurry up she wants to eat dinner. I go into the guest room Diane young makeup and the panties and shorts are laying out for me already. She comes over with a bra and tells me I should wear one anyways so why don't I put it on. She helps me into it and they look big but feel great. She cups my tits and adjusts me a bit young blow job telling me how to do it. The rest of the week I hung out with my mom in my cousins clothes. By the third day I was not even hesitating I loved wearing a bra and panties they felt great. She kept telling me to be proud of my body not ashamed. I was sad as the young teeny week ended we had so much fun. I was putting on my own things as we were getting ready and my mom tells me my cousin wont miss a few things if I wanted to bring them home. Without hesitating I put a pair of panties on my mom giggled and told me to wear a bra home too no one will say anything if we stop. We made one pit stop on ride home my mom and I went to get gas at a rest stop. The guy at the counter just smiled at me and winked when I paid for my big boob young drink. Once we get home I realized I could not have as much fun all the time because my friends would find out. It was different once I got home, my mom was really nice to me and always liked spending time with me. It was time for school to start back up soon and my mom said she had a surprise for me. We left and headed to the mall it was a good distance away for us. We arrived and went right for the big department store. After about an hour in the men's section getting things for school, she took me by the hand to the girl's section. I was not sure what was going on but she just smiled at me and said it is time to get you your own things to have to wear. She went crazy and picked me out shirts, dresses, shoes and anything she thought was cute. The saleswoman was very helpful and never said a word to embarrass me. Before I knew it I was getting fitted for my very first bra of my own. It petite boobs younger was crazy after that, I went in the dressing room to try on a few things and had my mom start young anal sex dolling me up. The woman told her to get the tags for her and I could wear anything I wanted to home. One cute sundress and sandals later I was in heaven. I had picked out some cute matching bras and panties and the smile would not leave my face. We pulled my hair into a ponytail and ventured off to shop more. I was told what a cute girl I was all afternoon. We stopped and got our nails done together it was quite a day. I went home that day in pure bliss , I did not have a care in the world and finally felt free to be myself. The next few weeks before school I worked all the time. I would never dress in public but usually had panties on with a tank top under my things. My boss kept calling me sweetie and always touching me on purpose. I was scared a bit but loved all of his attention. It was a cool night and I decided to get daring and wear a bra out in public also. I put a sweat shirt on to hide it and went off to work. We had closed up and were putting the stuff back in the fridge for the night. My boss kept very close he would reach right over me to put things in fridge I could feel his crotch pressing into my backside. He put his hand on my shoulder and held it there while he reached over me. He asked me to come upstairs to his office, I knew he felt my bra strap as he touched my shoulder. We began chatting young nude loita about all sorts of nonsense to make small talk. He grabbed a beer out of the fridge and handed it to me. I won't tell your mom, you have been working hard for it was his reasoning. I cracked it and began to sip it, he sat next to me on couch and had his own. He began rubbing my thigh gently telling me how happy he was that I worked there for him. I was a bit scared because I really liked him and the way he made me feel. I got up to get us a couple of more beers. On the trip back over he had spread him self out and pulled me onto his lap. He straddled behind me and began rubbing my back. I could feel him breathing on my neck and asking me if I liked it. His hands kept grazing the bra as he rubbed.I could feel his crotch pressed right into my ass and his hard cock. He reached down and pulled up my sweatshirt. My T shirt was thin and I know you could see my bra through it. He began kissing my neck and worked his hands up my shirt. His touch felt so good I just turned towards him and we began making out. I was now facing him sitting on his lap kissing my boss. My shirt was pulled right off next my chest exposed to him. It was weird showing off my chest to a guy for first time. He began kissing and sucking my tits telling me how cute they were. young male sexuality He pulled my bra down a bit and sucked on my nipples making me feel incredible. I felt his cock pressing into me harder and harder as he played with me. He stood me up and rose next to me. His shirt came off next, showing me his big hairy chest. I could not take my eyes off his huge bulge though. He reached out and undid russian young cutie my pants, I slid them down and he saw my matching panties. He asked me if I liked being a daughter instead of a son, and I just smiled. Before I Knew it he was pulling off his jeans and underwear. His hard lsm young on was enormous I had seen my friends when we were younger but this one was huge. He sat me down on the couch and stood in front of me. I was a bit nervous , he just rubbed my head and said it is time to finish making you a girl. He pressed it to my lips and told me to open up. young teenie porn I wrapped my hand around it and opened wide. I gagged a bit at first but began to get a feel for it. He pulled it out of my mouth and sat back on couch. I just crawled over and wanted more attacking his cock. He rubbed my tits and ass calling me his cute little sissy boy. Before I knew he held my head down on it and began cumming in my mouth. I choked a bit at first but swallowed most of it. He told me to get on floor in between his legs and make sure I licked it all off. We started getting dressed, he told me he wanted me to be always be in girls things under my clothes while I worked for him. I realized how late it was and that my mom was probably waiting outside for me. I gave him young cunny a quick kiss goodbye and ran downstairs. I saw my mom sitting and waiting for me in our car. I was not thinking though and had not put Diane young makeup my sweatshirt back on and jumped right in. I was not sure what to say except for sorry for being late. She leaned over with a big smile and said don't young teen bikini worry about it and kissed me on forehead. She brushed her hand on my cheek and said I hope you at least get a raise for your office work. I just stared at her in shock that she knew.Comments or thoughts would be oriental young appreciated
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